Frequently Asked Questions
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This application does not use any of the information provided by ther user in cookies or any other mechanism. Your data is securely stored in the server that is protected with security features. Our hosting site is also protected with a SSL (Secured Socket Layer) Certification. An SSL certificate is a mechanism provides security for online communications. SSL certificate enables to encrypt the data in the connection. It is equivalent to sending a secret code that only you and the receipient can understant.

It is a web application that works across Mobile, Tablets, iPad, Laptop, Desktop. You will have to use a browser to launch this application. Only English language is supported. We recommend to use only Chrome Browser in all the devices.

Your browser picks up the timestamp of your computer. If your computer's timestamp is MM/DD/YYYY, then the application will show the date as MM/DD/YYYY. Go to settings to change the system time to DD/MM/YYYY, if you want in that format.

There is a provision to automatically log the user out if there is no activity for specified amount of time (in minutes). This customization will be done upon your request.

We have a support team to assist you with any issues that comes up while you use the applications. Click the support link at the bottom of every page to contact them.

This application is very easy to use because of the intuitive design. We also have a user manual. Click the support link at the bottom of every page in the application to view the user manual.

The manager has better understanding of the work load of the Service Engineer/Technician & the skill levels to allocate the tickets so that the tickets are resolved as per your satisfaction. We can customize for 'Direct Assignment' based on your specific needs. That will be dealt as a separate project.

You can delete the ticket before the Manager assigns it to the Technician. After assigning it, the technician would have started his travel towards your apartment and it would be unfair to waste his time. So, in case if you want to modify/delete the tickets, do it before the Manager assigns it to the Engineer/Technician.

Yes, we have daily backup feature enabled. Your data can be recovered. But the data recovery can happen in the 12:00am. The backup and recovery will be done by our support team. You will have to call the support team for the issues in the data. Backup data can be provided only to the authorized person such as company owner or administrator.

We maintain the skill levels of the Engineer/Technician. You can view the average user ratings. You cannot see the details of the work done to the other customers.

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