Computer AMC Service Coimbatore


Pay per call basis - Buy anywhere, service it with us. Charges are nomial.

Annual Maintenance Contract - Priority service at your doorstep. We keep up our promises

Tele support - Got a problem, call our office (04224210055) and avail telesupport / remote support.

Salient Features of our AMC Offering

  • Priority is given to AMC customers while planning our daily tasks.
  • 3 periodical preventive maintenance schedules per year.
  • 8 hours X 6 days tech support on phone and remote sessions.
  • Contract Includes any number of complaint calls during the period.
  • We carry out a PM routine which will optimise your systems for performance and extends life of the machines as well.
  • Response time of 3-4 hours from the time of receipt of complaint Networking, internet and virus related troubleshooting calls are also covered in AMC
  • Contract type is non-comprehensive (pure service only) and faulty components can be replaced by us if customers purchase through their own source.

Exclusions : The scope of contract excludes cost of spares, physical damages, consumables like print heads, batteries and cartridges.

Our standard rates per PC | Laptop - Rs.1600 + GST
These rates can be lower depending on the proximity and the number of equipments that you want to cover in AMC.

Some of common hardware issues in Laptops & Personal Computer

  • Some or many of the keys are now working in the keyboard
  • Laptop heating up. Requires a good cleanup of dust and replace the paste of the heat sink
  • Laptop not powering on. Perhaps requires a motherboard check
  • Screen display is white or has lines or has bright spots
  • Broken hinge(s)
  • Blue screen error / software not initializing
  • Not connecting to wifi / unable to enable bluetooth
  • Twitching touch pad movements
  • No battery backup
  • Excessive noise from the PC
  • Machine not booting / not powering on
  • PC freezes - takes very long to respond
  • Annoying popups
  • Drive full - run out of storage
  • Not connecting to internet / network
  • Unable to print
  • PC restarting frequently
  • Unable to access certain portals / sites

How else we can serve you?

Computer AMC Coimbatore

System study for optimisation

System Maintenance Work

Maintenance Work

System Upgrades


System Hardware Level Service

Hardware level service

Networking - Wired and Wireless

Networking - Wired and Wireless

Firewall Solutions

Firewall Solutions

Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Database Backup Solutions

Backup Solutions

Service for Printers / UPS and other Peripherals

Service for Printers / UPS and other Peripherals

System study and Optimisation

In the last 24 years we have been seeing periodical obsolescence of computer hardware and software. It's very difficult for an organisation without in-house IT support to make decisions in such scenarios. We have a very successful process to study your IT setup and implement a cost effective solution in optimizing your existing setup. All this can be done without burning a big hole in your purse. Typical time required to do a system study and submit a project report is 2 days. Call us to know more. We optimise your systems and help improve your productivity.

Maintenance Work

Periodical maintenance can help you overcome unplanned stoppages / reactive maintenance. We have a big checklist to perform in our maintenance regime. Machines are subjected to high temperatures, humid conditions, dust laden environment, high power fluctuations, vibrations etc., and hence proper maintenance is essential. Professionals from IPCOM can help you with this, resulting in extension of the life of your existing machines thereby postponing investment on new machines. You can hire our services for one time maintenance work at your convenient date and see if we meet your expectations before signing up for an annual maintenance contract.

Networking - Wired and Wireless

Wired networks conforming to structured cabling standards have many desirable advantages. (1) Its tidy and organised way of cabling (2) Easy to troubleshoot in case of network problems (3) Less or no interference from electrical and radio frequency waves so that data flow is not hampered. (4) Consistent connection / network speed.

Wireless networks today are indispensable. The number of devices accessing network and internet is on the increase and they are mostly with the help of wireless routers and access points. Even though wireless network connections are not as steady as the ones accessed through cables, the ease of expansion through wireless network makes it a favourite among many. Whenever there is a need to expand network into well furnished work spaces, wireless method is chosen so that damages to the interior at the time of cable laying is eliminated. Want to go wireless, call us for a survey!!


Most often Users run out of memory capacity. RAM and hard disk are the most commonly upgraded components. We can supply all types of DIMMs. Off late we have been recommending customers to replace their HDDs with SSD for very fast system response. Capacity is not an issue these days, with a lot of cloud storage options around. In most cases a 500GB SSD is good.

We clearly are seeing a demand for Operating system upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 particularly after Jan 14, 2020 which is the date on which Microsoft stopped support for Windows 7.

Links for reference :

Windows 7 End of Support | Comparison between Windows 10 Home and Pro

HDD vs SSD Comparison

Composition Moving parts No moving parts
Speed Low 15X faster than HDD
Power Upto 15 watts Max of 6 watts
Data access Upto 500 milliseconds Hardly 25 milliseconds
Cost Lower Cost per GB is 3X higher
Failure rate High 5 times lower failure rate
Boot speed 2-3 mins on win10 10-15 secs on win10