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Extend the life of your PC with good maintenance regime

Proper maintenance of your hardware can save a lot of investment for you in replacements and upgrades.

Handle with care : 

Hardware needs regular cleaning. Clean your keyboard and mouse often. They have carry overs from your hand that was not washed properly after a snack!  We often receive laptops invaded by ants!. Leaving your laptop on your dining table, left over from a snack, improper cleaning of your hands etc can cause this. In many cases,  we have seen ants damage keypads overnight. Replacement of keypad is the only solution in most cases. Use recommended cleaning solutions alongwith a soft cloth to cleanup your display screens etc. Have your tea breaks away from your laptops / PCs.

Power Protection :

Use quality surge protectors to safegaurd your electronic equipments from SURGES which often happen due to lightening, heavy drawing equipments, brownouts etc. Apart from this it is imperative to have a good UPS to give you stabilised power to your PC and other electronic devices.

Good luck!


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