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Posted on2014-03-15 by Admin

Few tips to handle your incoming mails

I received my first ever email in the year 1996. Ever since, its been quite a task on hand in controlling the size of my mail boxes! Growing contact base means more emails to your inbox and more disk space to save them. Do you need all of the mails you receive? Why do we have to go sniff through all the mails again and again whenever you are searching one mail that you need most at any point of time? You are not alone. Here is what you can do....

Whenever you are receiving your email be sure that it requires an action such as :

a. Mark them as spam or unsubscribe if the mail is undesirable for you. Go ahead and delete it. Dont keep it.

b. Move the mail to relevant sub folder. You may broadly have two or three sub folders under your inbox such as Official, Personal and "Future reference only". Its easier now to create meaningful subfolders under these categories. Once you read a mail, move it to the subfolders conveniently.

c. Mark your emails as unread if it requires your reply | action.

Have done this, I bet, you have already started saving on disk space everytime you backup your data. Your searches within your inbox are much faster. Are′nt you saving a lot of time? Its time to thank me!




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