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Posted on2014-03-15 by Admin

Selective Posting

In today’s’ virtual life, privacy is scarce. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Linked in are great tools for you to keep in touch with your family, friends, acquaintance, employers, colleagues and so on. There is an increasing urge for people to express, update and stay connected with their circles. As a result of this, some of the postings that are supposed to remain privy goes public and has a great chance of being misused.

For e.g., in Facebook, you can choose your audience before you post. Go to the top right corner of the logged in FB page and click on privacy shorcuts. You have an option to choose your target category for a particular post. This way you can avoid a lot of embarrassment!! Remember, once done, the selected category option remains the same for all the other subsequent posts till you change it. Happy posting!

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