Keeping your computer upto date

Posted on2014-03-15 by Admin

Achieve maximum performance with your system by periodically updating your software and hardware.

To achieve best performance from the computer you have invested on means keeping both hardware and software part of it upto date. Ensure that your operating system for e.g. Microsoft Windows 8 or your antivirus package such as Quickheal Internet Security are all upto date. You can do this by just clicking on the update option in these softwares. Its best to set the automatic update option "ON".

Your computer works best only when the drivers for the hardware devices are also upto date. Operating systems come with generic hardware drivers. Hardware drivers can be updated by accessing the system properties, note down the driver version of each device and then click on the update button. Sometimes you may have to roll back to the earlier versions. Hence, it is always best to note it down before you make changes

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