Hoax Mails

Posted on2017-04-24 by Admin

Stay away from Spam


If you have been using internet and emails then you would have definitely received one of these ...

Chain mails

Hoax mails

Phishing mails 

Even the well informed are at times deceived by these mails. They get lured by these mails andtake action thereby replying,  providing or sharing some information pertaining to the bait. As a consequence, you have  confirmed that your email id is a working email id.

Secondly, when you forward, you are exposing your id to a world of spammers. You are sure to receive more mails subsequently.

Best practice is refrain from answering these mails and even better, if you could press the delete button.

Use a good internet security software which is upto date to keep spammers at bay.

Good luck

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