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High risk, very difficult to disinfect, can result in disasters for businesses.

In the recent two weeks we have seen many incidences of ransomware attacks on our client′s machines. In all the cases, formatting the machine was the only solution. 

Ransomware : Malicious program (Malware) will be offloaded and deployed in your machine which will encrypt (literally lockout) the data in your machine. Further, the orginal author of the program will demand ransom to issue a password to reverse the process and make your data usable. This could be highly damaging for your business.

How to avoid it : Since the antiviruses cannot remove these programs, it is best to take preventive measures such as these :

a. Backup your most important data right away.

b. Immediately change your all your passwords to a more secure one : Alpha numeric with special characters. Passwords of your emails, web logins such as twitter , FB and anyother application or programs that you use to logon to on a daily basis.

c. Keep your antivirus database upto date.

d. Excersice caution while browsing. Visit only trusted sites.

* Sites that provide content that is too good to be true -- suspect and keep away
* Sites that ask you to update your profile information by sending email
* Emails containing unsolicited links such as Porn, online games etc.
* Mails from unknown sources containing attachments.

d. If you are using a machine that is part of a network, let them know about these as they could be a source of infection for you.


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